Portrait of a Spiny Family


Ocotillos, Organ Pipes, Chollas, Saguaros  Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Southern Arizona, US of A.

A postcard from Stockholm


Here’s a quick panorama shot last week in Stockholm, Sweden. Work made the week, well, busy. But there’s always a moment of freedom, which in this case, was perfectly timed for sunset and a bit of cool air which we lack so much in Central Texas during Summer.

The photograph above is the view on the Stenbock Palaces from the garden of the Stockholm City Hall (Stockholm Stadshus).

Happy Birthday!

This post is not related to photography at all, it’s related to another interest of mine, UNIX. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of its creation. The history of this operating system is quite interesting and full of twists. Some of the most famous variants are Solaris, Linux, MacOS X, Android and iOS. That sounds like success to me. I hope I get to see the evolution of UNIX for another 50+ years…