Pressure relief

The atmospheric pressure has been a bit lower over the past two days, here in  Austin. Cumulonimbus can grow and bring some rain. It’s so nice to see and hear rain falls, especially after more than a month without any.





The sky over Austin was lovely today, especially at the end of the afternoon. The clouds seemed to whisper “rain is on the way”.  We’ll know in a couple of days…


April weather

People say “never cast a clout till May be out” as the weather in April can still rapidly change. As the year progresses towards Summer, temperatures can still drop as low as 0-5C/32-42F and heavy clouds can bring rain and at times, hail.

Yesterday was such day, cold wind, low temps and rain. What a sight! The sky was constantly changing from dark clouds to rainbows to large blue patches before more clouds rolled in.

How not to be grateful for these moments?