Pressure relief

The atmospheric pressure has been a bit lower over the past two days, here in ¬†Austin. Cumulonimbus can grow and bring some rain. It’s so nice to see and hear rain falls, especially after more than a month without any.



April weather

People say “never cast a clout till May be out” as the weather in April can still rapidly change. As the year progresses towards Summer, temperatures can still drop as low as 0-5C/32-42F and heavy clouds can bring rain and at times, hail.

Yesterday was such day, cold wind, low temps and rain. What a sight! The sky was constantly changing from dark clouds to rainbows to large blue patches before more clouds rolled in.

How not to be grateful for these moments?


Plans. Changed.

Plans to photograph a landscape are at the mercy of the weather. Yesterday afternoon, I visited a very nice coastal place. A few compositions came to mind along and a plan to come back today started shaping up. Today’s weather forecast was for clear skies with a bright Sun…

Last night, the sky gave us clues that changes were literally up in the air. Elongated high clouds, isolated and dark low clouds and strong Sunset colors were all indicators that rain is on the way.

This morning proved last night’s Sky correct. Mid-morning today, clouds started rolling over the area from the North, pushed by a quite chilly wind. The nice Sunrise we enjoyed was quickly followed by a quite dull gray blanket, breaking from time to time to let our star shine thru.

Our star and the gray blanket


The place I planned to go to today is about 75 mins away by bicycle (no car available to me right now…). So, I did not want to take the risk to ride to a place with suboptimal conditions for my project and be disappointed. ¬†There are other photographic things to do, like processing rolls of films… Why not taking life one day at a time?