A postcard from Stockholm


Here’s a quick panorama shot last week in Stockholm, Sweden. Work made the week, well, busy. But there’s always a moment of freedom, which in this case, was perfectly timed for sunset and a bit of cool air which we lack so much in Central Texas during Summer.

The photograph above is the view on the Stenbock Palaces from the garden of the Stockholm City Hall (Stockholm Stadshus).

Low tide

Bono was bathed in the light of a nice sunset, today. A thin cloud cover, a very light breeze contrasted with the thick gray blanket of the past days. So, tonight, the Sun colored the sky with warm tones. The river’s level was very low, it was low tide. And that also means adventures on slippery trails.

The first sight that stopped me (in my muddy tracks) was a fallen tree, one of its limbs framing a sailboat, with the setting sun in the background. There was potential right in front of me.


I feel like I should have explored a little more, to clarify the idea. The picture would be more effective if I had been closer to the arch and if the sunset was included in the arch’s natural frame.
Why then have I not taken more time for this picture? For once, moving on the mud and kelp is quite stressful (slippery, uneven, rocky and muddy surfaces) . Moving the tripod at different places was quite a challenge, the possibility of smashing the camera was on my mind.
Secondly, somehow, I thought there would be a better picture further down, past the tree. So my mind was not on exploring the composition. With the light changing real fast, my mind was on the next elusive picture.

Like the ocean, my ability to explore and create was at low tide.  It happens, it’s part of the journey. I’ll return to this area of the river and perhaps a better picture will arise. Persistence helps.